The Glasir Productivity Platform™

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The intention of Glasir is to provide the missing link to a full and end-to-end development platfrom powered by Oracle ATG. The Glasir platform complements ATG and promotes agility, visibilty and strong functional contracts, allowing for rapid, predictable deployments, proof-of-concept projects, product demonstrations and extensions.

Oracle Commerce (formely known as ATG), one of the most powerful e-commerce frameworks in the world (if not the most powerful) intentionally leaves the last step of implementation platform open to the end user. Many ATG customers, partners, integrators and consultants have attempted to perfect the way the final product is to be built. In our past 12 years we have collected the most effective components to implementing ATG in the real world and built a platform, called Glasir, that empowers the end user without impeding the power of the Oracle ATG product.



For more in-depth information about the Glasir product platform please follow the link to the Glasir site