Software Development

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An agile mind makes for an agile business.

Iteego has developed a methodology to ensure consistent, high-quality service delivery throughout all our project engagements. The methodology, or delivery framework, brings together expertise and best practices, including project templates, existing work samples, and lessons learned.

The purpose of the framework to create repeatable delivery processes from project to project to provide a consistent look and feel for all project deliverables.

We have devised well-defined processes to mitigate risks. This includes identifying potential bottlenecks in order to implement preventative measures and contingency actions. The process is client focused, giving Iteego the flexibility to meet your specific needs within a proven delivery framework.We have adopted an approach similar to Extreme Programming, where functionality is designed, delivered and reviewed in smaller iterations.

The iteego team believes strongly in visibility - if you cannot see something you will have a hard time managing it.

For this reason, all project deliverables are staged in test environments and made available to the clients in a secure environment for progressive User Acceptance Testing (UAT).