Iteego Products

A New Realm of Possibility

As part of a commitment to act as a source for transformational value Iteego has developed a productivity framework that truly unleashes the power of the Oracle Commerce platform.

With the new Glasir platform, it is possible to implement E-Commerce web sites in record time, at a fraction of the cost and with unparalleled levels of stability, quality and reliability.

Glasir - A Productivity Platform

Enterprise - Meet Productivity

Glasir is a software development productivity platform that defies conventional wisdom

Despite traditional belief, it is perfectly possible to have true productivity in large-scale e-commerce projects.

The trick lies in the method and platform used.

Glasir provides the right platform and a natural guide to the right method.

The result is the potential for massive cost savings, in time as well as in money. With Glasir, teams are able to achieve unparalleled productivity in enterprise E-Commerce.


Glasir Demonstration Videos